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Tai Yuh's Stuffed Bun and Bread Food Machine

Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. / Best Food & Pastry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a food machine manufacturer from Taiwan. They've been supplying food making machine for stuffed buns and bread since 1993.

With Tai Yuh's food processing equipment, you can manufacture frozen buns, meat pies, rolls, bread and hamburgers with various fillings.

Easy to clean and efficient, Tai Yuh provides individual equipment and complete production lines to satisfy different requirements in the food industry. With both advanced food machine building technology and 24 years of experience, Tai Yuh makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Historical Development

TAI YUH History

1993Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. was founded to start producing bun machines
1995Renewed steamed bun machine and developed multipurpose ones.
1996Manufactured bread making machine
2000To meet clients’ demand, developed roti paratha production line and exported to Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Bangladesh.
2004To meet market demand, developed layered puff pastry food production line.
2007Developed the first unit “Automatic Chinese spring onion pie/Lacha paratha production line” in Taiwan.
2010Established “Best Food&Pastry Machinery Co.,Ltd.” as a trading company.
2010Renewed Tai Yuh official website.
2011Established new plant in Anding, Tainan city.
2011Renew and updated the “Automatic Chinese spring onion pie/Lacha paratha production line” which is wide popular in Taiwan and China market, also in South-Eastern and middle Asia.
2012Renew and updated “Puff pastry food production line” to produce varies kinds of food.
2014Developed the first unit “Pizza base making machine” in Taiwan.
2014Developed “Three-Tier Oven”, “Automatic electricity hot pressing machine”,“Tortilla making machine”
2018Developed the Automatic Tortilla Production Line.
2018Established a branch company-Shuyang CHuangying(Tai Yuh) Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. in China.

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