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Based in Taiwan, Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. / Best Food & Pastry Machinery Co., Ltd., since 1993, is a food machine manufacturer that is specialized in developing food machines with multipurpose. Main products including, food machine for stuffed buns and bread and all kinds of ethnic food.

For the last ten years, three-tier ovens, hot pressing machines, and production lines for pizza base, puff pastry and tortilla have been developed with innovation. Each food machine is designed meeting client's high stanards and cost efficient. With Tai Yuh's food processing equipment, you can manufacture frozen buns, meat pies, rolls, bread and hamburgers with various fillings.

Tai Yuh has been providing high-quality food machines, both with advanced building technology and 24 years of experience, Tai Yuh ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Chinese Flaky Scallion Pancake Production Line
    Chinese Flaky Scallion Pancake Production Line

    To make machine-made spring onion pies close to manual-made one, we reform dough rolling and stretching mechanisms to get up to more layers and thin dough sheets for flaky scallion pancakes. Sprinkle oil and scallions smoothly and well mixed, you would getten better and more stable quality and higher production capacity of these spring onion lacha pastry pies than hand made ones. You will save human resources, get higher profit and become more competitive in the market. TY-3168 Thin dough pastry production line can produce Pies, Onion Pie, flaky scallion pancake,Lacha Paratha, Paratha, Indian Pies, Arabian Pies, Crepes, Burek and thin dough sheet products...etc. The typical process of scallion pancake making like the following steps, has been integrated into an Automatic Intelligent Production Line and lowered the labour cost to the maximum. 1. Place the well-mixed dough (around 100KG) in once in the Dough Divider, then it leads the dough go through the Sheeting System in order; so that it decrease manually dough refill 2. After passing through first Dough Feeder, the continuous dough band then passing through 4 Pressing Wheels without damaging the dough and it is rolled into about 1 mm thickness dough sheet 3. Then the dough sheet goes through Stretch Mechanism, it becomes the 0.6 ~0.8 mm thin pastry 4. The thin sheet then passed through the Forming Conveyor in the later section, and it is automatically oiled, rolled in chopped green onion 5. a special Cutting mechanism cuts the thin dough roll with well-covered shallots inside in required weight/length 6. The thin shallot rolls are rolled into a snail shape by special manual method or automatic rolling-up devices, and then go through Proofing section by manual placing or via Proofing Conveyor System 7. It finally might be feed in TY-788 Pressing & Filming Machine manually or automatically to form pieces of pancake 8. The Automatic Box Dropping System might be integrated to move the Stacking pancakes to the Automatic Packaging Machine directly, which implements a fully Automatic Production Line

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