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Tai Yuh roti canai making machine Service Introduction

Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. / Best Food & Pastry Machinery Co., Ltd. is Taiwan roti canai making machine supplier and manufacturer with more than 24 years experence. Since 1993, in the Bun stuffing and making machine,Automatic paratha making machine, Customized puff pastry production line, Multipurpose stuffing and Forming Machine Maker, Taiwan made bread making machine, dough band rolling machine, dough band sheeter, Tai Yuh has been offering our customers high quality roti canai making machine production service. With both advanced technology and 24 years experience, Tai Yuh always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Chinese Flaky Scallion Pancake Production Line
    Chinese Flaky Scallion Pancake Production Line

    To make machine-made spring onion pies close to manual-made one, we reform dough rolling and stretching mechanisms to get up to more layers and thin dough sheets for flaky scallion pancakes. Sprinkle oil and scallions smoothly and well mixed, you would getten better and more stable quality and higher production capacity of these spring onion lacha pastry pies than hand made ones. You will save human resources, get higher profit and become more competitive in the market.TY-3168 Thin dough pastry production line can produce Pies, Onion Pie, flaky scallion pancake,Lacha Paratha, Paratha, Indian Pies, Arabian Pies, Crepes, Burek and thin dough sheet products...etc.Operation process: 1. Place the well mixed dough in the Dough Feeder. 2. Dough sheet goes through 4 Dough Sheeters. 3. Then the Dough Stretch mechanism, it becomes the 1mm thickness dough sheet. 4. Oil devices (above and below the forming conveyor) and Stuffing Extruder well- spraied the oil and spring onions on the dough sheet. 5. Round cutter divides the dough sheet in two. 6. Rolling devices roll the dough sheet in 2 rolls which with oil and scallions in them. 7. Extruding machines extrude the rolls to the expected weight. 8.Curling the rolls manually. 9. “TY-788 Filming and Pressing Machine” to press the dough into a pie with films upper and underneath.

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