Stuffed bread making machine

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Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. / Best Food & Pastry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a bakery machine manufacturer from Taiwan. They've been supplying food making machine for stuffed bread since 1993.

With Tai Yuh's food processing equipment, you can manufacture frozen bakery with various fillings.

Easy to clean and efficient, Tai Yuh provides individual equipment and complete production lines to satisfy different requirements in the food industry. With both advanced food machine building technology and 24 years of experience, Tai Yuh makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Stuffed bread making machine

Burger bun machine

Stuffed bread roll
Stuffed bread roll

Automatic bread making machines can do the bread stuffing, rolling and encrusting. Bread machines can make soft bread, stuffed bread(red bean, chocolate…), toast, burger bun, bread rolls...etc.

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  • Continuous Dough Sheeter - Continuous Dough Roller
    Continuous Dough Sheeter

    TY-535 Continuous dough sheeter can roll the dough sheet of buns and bread.

  • Stuffed Bread Making Machine (2 Lines) - Industrial Bread Making Machine
    Stuffed Bread Making Machine (2 Lines)

    TY-855 siut to be use at industrail bread production line or large bakeries, which satisfy customers with high production capacity (double lines) and full automation process no matter what kind of bread, such as bread with chocolate, red bean paste and cream filling or non-filled bread and rolls. Put the well mixed dough in the feeding hopper, TY-855 will do the dough band sheeting, filling and forming automatically. It is efficient for you to develop the business further.

  • Cinnamon Roll Bread making machine - Cinnamon Roll,bread
    Cinnamon Roll Bread making machine

    Cinnamon roll making machine has spcial design dough rollers to make dough sheet with desired widness and thickness with hand made taste, then the cinnamon powder or raisins dusting automatically and well-distributed, the final cinnamon rolls produced by a guillotine device.

  • Automatic Bread Making Machine - Automatic Bread Making Machine
    Automatic Bread Making Machine

    Whether you have a small or large bakery store, you would make your bread or stuffed bread rolls or toast by TY-8530 Automatic bread machine.With special design dough rolling and sheeting mechanisms, you could get the desired width and thickness of dough band that is sheeting, filling and forming automatically. The rollers won't apply much energy to dough sheet during processing that keep the taste similar to handmade ones.It would save you much time and cost and increase product capacity of bread, hamburger bread, hot dog bread, bread rolls, toast, dinner roll...etc.

  • Continuous Dough Sheeter - Dough band roller and divider
    Continuous Dough Sheeter

    TY-598 Dough roller machine can process 30kg of dough at once and folding,rolling the dough band automatically. The thickness of dough band can be adjusted.The good quality of dough bands is the basis for high-quality bun or bread products. For years' experience, this big continuous dough roller machine and dough band sheeters are able to produce stable and faultless quality dough bands.

  • Automatic Dough Sheeter - Automatic Dough Roller
    Automatic Dough Sheeter

    TY-558 stores 10 single or compound programs. Up to 18 continuous operation steps can be designed in the compound program. User can set up and name 10 programs separately through the control panel and easy to set program by the operate menu.The toughness and the temperature of the dough may change every day. User can adjust the lowering height of the roller and control the width of dough much more easily. The automatic dough sheeter is equipped with VF-Drive, thickness from 1-50 mm adjustable.

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