Company Profile / Specialized Manufacturer & Designer of Food Processing Machine Since 1993 From Taiwan | Tai Yuh

Food Processing Machine Manufacturer / Tai Yuh was founded in 1993, is specialized in manufacture and design series of high quality and efficient food stuffing and forming machines, also the relative equipments.

Food Processing Machine Manufacturer

Company Profile

"Tai Yuh" was founded in 1993, is a specialized manufacturer and designer for series of high quality and efficient food stuffing and forming machines, also the relative equipments. Now, our customers are throughout 20 more countries and we always acquire good comments and support from them.

The machines produced whether manufacturing process from design, welding, assembling, wiring, installing electrical control system, or follow-up action on shipment delivery, installation, training, after-sale service are all responsible and handled by relevant personnel in accordance with their duty. With this one-stop service, we not only implement quality control efficiently but also response and solve out faulty issue simultaneously.

Business philosophy

Integrity, Innovation, Efficiency, Quality, and Customer Service—Tai Yuh Machinery operates with integrity, continuously improvement on existing models, developing new advanced models, adhering to premium quality, to meet customer’s needs.

Corporate Vision

Tai Yuh Machinery expects to become not only a leader in food machinery technology and manufacturing, but also a provider of premium service and maximum benefits.

  • Combined and integrated with robotic arm technology, motions for clamping, placing are replaced for saving labor costs and responding to the problem of labor shortage.
  • The robotic arm performs accurate movements according to the set parameters. It improves production efficiency, and ensures product consistency and quality. Continuous operation of the production line without effecting from human factors like fatigue, illness is achieved.
  • Applying online instant messaging and remote control tracking mode to after-sales service set, which solve out customer’s faulty issues in first place and save bilateral time and cost.

-The technical team provides quick answers and guidance by analyzing the text, pictures or videos sent through instant messaging software.

-The remote control tracking mechanism diagnoses the status of the machine in real time; reacting by taking necessary adjustments and maintenance, which quickly provides real time solutions to the customer.

In the future, our professional group will keep on supplying the more precise, economical machines and the best service to all our customers.

We Provide The Best Win-Win Solution For Food Industry With All Our Hearts.

We aim to be a professional food equipment supplier that provides professional service with dedicated attitude, competitively-economical prices, continuous innovation to customers all over the world. We are your best business partner whom efficiently grows bilateral benefit to the maximization.

Excellent Premium Quality Product

Our high-quality machines including stuffing/forming series, automatic food production lines achieved the goal of maximizing production efficiency for food industry. We obtained favorable reputation and support from customers all over the world.

Professional, Conscientious, Innovative Customization

Adhering to the philosophy of professionalism, diligence, we provide truly tailor-made "customized" services with continuous innovation. It developed the systems that exactly meets customer needs and responding to trends. Customers obtained the most benefits with the least effort.

Aiming to Achieving Win-Win To the Maximum

Adhere to the concept of maximizing the benefits of both parties, work toward for achieving win-win as the common goals.