Calzone/Puff Pie/Empanada Forming Machine

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Calzone/Puff Pie/Empanada Forming Machine Manufacturer - Tai Yuh

Based in Taiwan, Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise Ltd. / Best Food & Pastry Machinery Co., Ltd., since 1993, is a Calzone/Puff Pie/Empanada Forming Machine | food machine manufacturer that is specialized in developing food machines with multipurpose. Main products including, food machine for stuffed buns and bread and all kinds of ethnic food.

For the last ten years, three-tier ovens, hot pressing machines, and production lines for pizza base, puff pastry and tortilla have been developed with innovation. Each food machine is designed meeting client's high stanards and cost efficient. With Tai Yuh's food processing equipment, you can manufacture frozen buns, meat pies, rolls, bread and hamburgers with various fillings.

Tai Yuh has been providing high-quality food machines, both with advanced building technology and 24 years of experience, Tai Yuh ensures each customer's demands are met.

Calzone/Puff Pie/Empanada Forming Machine


Within our Filling & Forming production line, TY-801F is specifically made for producing bigger half-round (semi-circular) shape of food product like Calzone, Puff Pie, garlic chive calzone, pocket pizza. To place well-mixed dough on the conveyor; passing through sheeting , rolling, filling, folding ,forming & shaping; final product are perfectly completed.

Multipurpose Stuffing & Forming Machine-dough band

Training and service

Our professional training and after sale service team will teach you to use the machine in short time and supply sufficient information afterward.


Made In Taiwan


  • Dimension: 6,100(L)x1,200(W)x1,650(H)mm
  • Power:220/380V,3PH,50/60Hz
  • Forming Mold: Half-moon shape, round shape, triangle shape, square shape or other special shape...etc.
  • Wheel Width: 300mm
  • Dough Feeding Capacity: max. 4 Meter/min.
  • Product’s Capacity: depends on the products size
  • Capacity of Air Stamping Mold: ~4,000pcs/hr

Manufacture Product

  • Calzone, Puff Pie, Garlic chive calzone, Pocket pizza, Curry puff, Empanada,Chinese chive boxes

TY-801F Calzone/Crispy Curry Puff/Puff Pie/Empanada Making Machine

TY-801F Calzone/Crispy Curry Puff/Puff Pie/Empanada Making Machine

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